Guy Buys And Tries Starting Abandoned C3 Corvette

Oct 16, 2020 1 min read
Guy Buys And Tries Starting Abandoned C3 Corvette

What could possibly go wrong?

While there’s certainly an undeniable allure of a C3 Corvette, buying one that’s been sitting in a field for years without seeing it first involves quite a bit of risk. That’s what this guy did, scooping up a 1980 ‘Vette that honestly looks pretty good for having sat out in the elements for about 10 years. While that’s encouraging, it has absolutely zero bearing on how the mechanicals of this Chevy are working.

A closer inspection shows this C3 has started becoming one with nature: grass has grown up into the fender gaps, plants are sprouting between the headlight and hood, and spiders have made their home in the fender vents. This certainly would dispel theories that the car wasn’t really sitting in the field for long at all and this is all part of an elaborate setup.

Oh, and the person who originally found this car discovered an 8-foot bullsnake living under the hood. We’re not quite sure how that was dealt with.

The guy doesn’t try starting the ‘Vette right there, even though he registered it for a burnout contest in the near future. This isn’t the way we recommend doing things for obvious reasons. A closer inspection shows the C3 has been repainted, suffered from water damage, and even has plant life growing inside.

Everything about this C3 Corvette isn’t bad. It’s a one-owner vehicle, but that owner passed away not too long ago. It looks like it was well cared-for before it was parked and sat.

If you’re not familiar with the YouTube account Vice Grip Garage, the guy makes all kinds of horrible car purchasing decisions for your entertainment. In other words, he has experience getting engines which have sat for decades running again. He seems pretty nonplused about the condition of this ’80 Corvette, but you’ll have to watch the video to see how he gets it running and just what kinds of problems he runs into.

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