Guy Buys A 3rd Gen Trans Am For $300

Oct 23, 2020 1 min read
Guy Buys A 3rd Gen Trans Am For $300

Was it worth even that much?

If you look hard enough, you can find some stupid-cheap muscle car deals in your area. Yes, it takes dedication and sometimes a little bit of dumb luck, but as you’re about to see, some people just want a car gone and will let it go for a shockingly low amount. That’s definitely the story with this 1987 Pontiac Trans Am.

A lot of people would be thinking that $300 for a car is a steal, even if it needs a lot of work. If you watch the video, the guy has the initial idea of parting it out or swapping parts into it. The car has no title and it’s definitely seen better days. But would you even question if $300 was a fair deal?

The deal was a little interesting. This guy couldn’t even look under the hood before buying the car because it was stuck. Obviously, he was able to open it later, but he couldn’t see what he was getting under there. The seller said the third-gen F-Body hadn’t run right in a long time, so it was one of those situations where it was a painful reminder of money, time, and energy spent on many failed efforts.

This third-gen Trans Am has the 5.7-liter TPI V8. Some people feel that’s one of the best small block V8s ever made. You might disagree, but it has a value on the market as a result.

There’s a lot more going for this Trans Am. The body is amazingly well-preserved with only small dings and paint damage. Plus, there are rear disc brakes, a Positraction rear. The digital dash works, so that’s something pretty amazing the seller likely didn’t appreciate at all.

People immediately started telling this guy he shouldn’t part out the car. What do you think? Did he get a good deal or a great deal? Should he fix this car up or part it out?

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