A 2024 S650 GT Premium with Dueling Seats

Dec 24, 2023 2 min read
A 2024 S650 GT Premium with Dueling Seats

Now that's quality control!

Imagine walking into a dealership and spotting the 2024 Ford Mustang of your dreams: a luscious Vapor Blue metallic GT Premium fastback that beckons you from across the lot. Everything seems absolutely perfect, until you peer inside and notice something utterly baffling—two completely different seats. Yes, you read that correctly. Welcome to Paoli Ford in West Chester, PA, where a unique Mustang has puzzled both Ford enthusiasts and casual observers alike.

Though both seats are Recaro branded, their dissimilarities are striking. The driver’s seat looks luxurious, adorned with leather facings—a fitting match for the GT Premium designation. Meanwhile, the passenger seat seems to have come straight out of a different build altogether, wrapped in Dinamica microfiber cloth typically seen in the Mustang Dark Horse edition. Oddly enough, even the Recaro logos on each seat sport different colors.

So, how does a mistake like this happen? People familiar with Ford’s assembly and dealership processes speculate that the seats are initially covered in protective plastic, making it challenging for line workers to identify the mismatch. Some suggest that the error could be attributed to mislabeling by Ford's supplier. Regardless, this has led to pointed criticism on forums, particularly at a time when Ford employees have been striking for better pay and benefits.

Indeed, these critiques come in the backdrop of other Ford quality control mishaps, such as a Bronco Wildtrak Sasquatch with similarly mismatched seats and a Mustang EcoBoost convertible featuring inconsistent sill inserts. Quality control at Ford has been questioned enough to halt Mustang production earlier this year to address issues.

What makes this story even more curious is the dealership’s apparent silence on the subject. The Paoli Ford listing makes no mention of the odd couple of seats, almost as if the mismatch is an Easter egg for the potential buyer—or a litmus test for Mustang aficionados.

The dilemma now lies with the future owner. Will they demand a matched leather seat for the passenger side, maintaining the GT Premium’s uniform aesthetic? Or might they push for another Dark Horse seat, effectively embracing this Mustang’s accidental uniqueness?

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