1983 Chevy Silverado Barn Find

May 6, 2021 1 min read
1983 Chevy Silverado Barn Find

This pickup is in need of a major redemption!

When someone has some juicy barn finds, we’ll always come running. These fascinating endeavors have produced some of the coolest discoveries and builds in the automotive community. Now and then you find something that, while it may be humble, still have insane potential. This 1983 Chevrolet Silverado fits that description perfectly. While many other small trucks can be found in the garages of the famous Hoonigan team and others like them, this is simply just an old truck that's been covered in dust from years of sitting inside. This square body beast has become one of America’s favorite truck platforms.

Watch a Hellcat flip a Silverado here.

The exterior is largely in good shape, except for a small dent in the side. The truck's body still features the original hood ornament, mirrors, and tailgate. Under the hood is the factory V8 engine, however, it is very unlikely that the truck will run without some work. The interior needs restoration as well, however, the seats seem to be intact and the gauges are all in good shape. It appears that the only thing that has sat in the front seat for the last 20 years was the spider that could be found upon opening the doors.

After decades of sitting, this truck is finally being recognized for the amazing truck that it is. However, it is unclear what the future may hold for this beautiful truck, whether we see it again in another barn find video or as some incredible build ripping around a track this is still a great truck with a lot of potential. We hope to see it again soon.

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