See A 1973 Mercury Comet GT Come Back To Life

Mar 2, 2022 2 min read
See A 1973 Mercury Comet GT Come Back To Life

It hasn’t run in 35 years…

When you think of classic cars from the 1970s, a Mercury Comet GT probably isn’t one of the first models to come to mind. As the entry level car for the brand, the Comet was looked down upon by many, an attitude which persists to one extent or another today. For that reason alone, a lot of enthusiasts would pass this ’73 up, especially given its condition. However, RevStoration isn’t like most enthusiasts, so we get to see them bring this little thing back to life.

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Basically, the father-son team that is YouTube channel RevStoration just loves Fords, Lincolns, and Mercuries. Their property is littered with old family cars and acquisitions, which we’ve seen them miraculously get running again. After doing that so many times, they want a real challenge. That’s where the 1973 Mercury Comet GT comes in.

Just at a glance, it’s obvious this thing is trying to rejoin nature. Covered in leaves and who knows what else, the compact car hasn’t been driven in over three decades. Lest you think the whole scene is staged, there are small trees growing aroound every side of the Comet, so it they would’ve had to drop it in using a crane or helicopter.

Rust has taken parts of the body panels, and there are other cosmetic issues, but that doesn’t indicate anything about the mechanicals. However, it does show the Mercury is a little rough. What’s more, it’s loaded with a fair amount of Bondo after three separate collisions.

As for the interior, it’s pretty filthy. Part of the reason why is the driver and rear passenger windows were busted out by some kids a few years ago. They covered the gap with a plastic tarp, but of course that doesn’t do as good of a job as glass.

Maybe you think a ’73 Mercury Comet GT isn’t worth rescuing, especially considering the condition of this one. However, this was the father’s car when he was dating the mother, so there’s some sentimental value wrapped up in it. Plus, it’s a challenge for them to get it running. It of course comes with some curve balls, but they do finally get the ol’ girl running.

Check out the video for yourself.

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