Three Iconic American Muscle Cars Left To Rot

Mar 2, 2022 2 min read
Three Iconic American Muscle Cars Left To Rot

These cars were legends of their time with high performance and style to match and now wait for a rescuer to save them from abandonment.

There are a few places in this world whose history and culture are best represented by what others might describe as junkyard material. Those who understand the past behind the historic relics know exactly what sentiment value is worth because they know what simple little things can represent. Classic cars, for example, are some of the most history-rich items to ever grace our fine world, as every piece of these vehicles represents a new facet of human innovation. Of course, that's precisely why people like us are willing to pay pretty ridiculous prices for a 30 or 40-year-old car. These vehicles are possibly the best-found examples of this to date.

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Recovered from the ashes of slow and unceremonious death, you'll find many cars ripe for the picking of any classic car guy. These forgotten legends include a couple of Mopar muscle cars, some Chevy sports coupes, and a few Fords. However, three cars stand out among all others as the greatest of the entire lot. This list includes a 1970 Dodge Coronet, a heavily damaged 1969 Dodge Charger, and a Ford Mustang Fastback long thought dead by the rest of the world. These cars have been given the complete abandonment treatment and definitely show their age, but they are significant nonetheless.

The Mustang is particularly good at conveying its time through its rough body condition, which gives the vehicle a nice patina. Under the hood is a clearly presented 351 ci Cleveland V8 which would have made the car a legend among pony cars in its time. Two of these three vehicles would be pretty stunning in daylight if treated to an excellent restoration, but the Charger was damaged severely. The roof is basically non-existent with this car. Still, thankfully, the Coronet is a bit of a different story as it appears to be in slightly better shape than the previous automobiles. These cars are the perfect example of what you might expect in a successful barn find, three high-value muscle cars in rough condition waiting for their next adventure!

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