Cragislist Find: 1971 Corvette 'Yard Find' Sat Outside for 43 Years

Jan 11, 2021 2 min read
Cragislist Find: 1971 Corvette 'Yard Find' Sat Outside for 43 Years

Someone needs to breathe new life into this 'Vette!

The 1971 Chevy Corvette may not be as popular as the 2 generations before it however it is still one of the greatest classic cars one could hope to find on a budget of just $12,000. This poor old rust bucket has been sitting for 43 years just waiting for someone to come along and recognize its potential. As previously stated these cars may not be the most popular Corvette generation however we’ve seen quite a few monster drag cars and autocross runners built off of the same platform.

This car has the original 5.7-liter Chevy Small Block V8 pushing 270-horsepower and 321 ft-lbs of torque, that may not seem like much for today but for the 1970s that was incredibly fast for its weight. Chevy also built the 3rd gen Corvette (and every corvette) to be the best handling car available at the time. Because of this, these cars can be built up to be extremely well-performing cars in autocross and drifting.

The owner of the car has been quoted as saying that the “motor will not turn over” which is unfortunate because Chevy Small Block V8s have always been high powered and easy to work on. The owner has also said that the entire car may need a full ground-up restoration, and for $12,000 this automobile is not the cheapest project car you could find out there.

That being said though, not every project car is as beautiful as this one could be with a bit of paint and a new engine. So for some this car may just be an old rusty car from the ’70s that won't even start, but for others, this car is far more special. Old cars are a symbol of a time when cars were an expression of oneself, an art perhaps, and it would be perfect for a restomod. Combining the amazing technology of our time with the beautiful styling from the days of old.

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