1970 Chevelle SS Discovered Among A Dozen Stolen Cars

Dec 16, 2022 2 min read
1970 Chevelle SS Discovered Among A Dozen Stolen Cars

How does one manage to hide such a stash?

There are a lot of crazy news stories these days about cars in particular, but you might not expect to ever find a massive fortune of them stored away in an abandoned apartment complex. However that’s exactly what happened recently when police uncovered a mass of $300,000 worth of stolen automobiles . From daily drivers to Classix, this thief certainly had his work cut out for him and eventually took his plan just a little bit too far.

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Police originally apprehended the suspect after a traffic stop in which it was determined the truck he was driving was stolen. Having taken the vehicle from New Orleans, the man was also in possession of a firearm with an altered or destroyed serial number. Frankly, this raised suspicion with the officers and eventually they uncovered a total of eight more stolen cars but that isn't even the weird part. Rather, the most interesting piece of information is how exactly he managed to steal two mobile homes and store them in the abandoned complex.

Some of these cars mostly range from older early 2000s pick up trucks two newer sedans, pretty typical road goers as you can imagine. However, there was one automobile that stood apart from all the rest that seemed completely odd for a thief to set his sights on. That vehicle is a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, a car that is very highly respected within the classic American automotive industry. This does not take away from the suffering of those who had their ordinary cars stolen from them but rather serves as a particularly interesting subject for car guys everywhere. How this man was able to hide and store a beautiful bright red and very flamboyant muscle car for so long is a complete mystery but at least now the police have a potential and alleged suspect.

Source: WAFB9

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