This AMC is in exceptional condition.

AMC, possibly one of America’s most instantly recognizable small automobile manufacturers due to its long history of producing fast, affordable, fun sports/ muscle cars for the American youth in its time. Having been defunct in 1988, AMC has become one of those rare car companies whose reputation outlived it. Of course, the company that made cars such as the Javelin, AMX, and Matador would go on to become one of those brands that everyone looks back at as a wicked piece of American car history. From drag racing to autocross these cars are great for everything you could need. This insane reputation even goes so far as to grab the attention of Jay Leno as shown through this cool classic car.

This is an extremely well-kept example of a 1970 AMC Javelin owned by Mark Fletch, co-author of “1970 Maximum Muscle: the Pinnacle Of Muscle Car Power”. Under the hood of this prancing pony car is a massive 390 ci V8 which puts out plenty of horsepowers to keep this lightweight beast stable and quick. The car also came with the Ram Air option which keeps the horsepower figures quite high and allows the car to keep up with vehicles such as the Mustang, Camaro, and Firebird which were seen as the unstoppable pony car trifecta at the time.

Unfortunately, the American Motor Corporation eventually had to kill the Javelin as the insurance companies were making it quite expensive to own one of these beautiful cars. The death of amazing pony cars like these Javelin eventually would lead to the inevitable collapse of the AMC company as a whole in 1988. This car is a particularly good example of this classic relic as it has been kept in its most original state without restoration due to the owner’s hard work and level of care given to the vehicle.

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