Supercharged 1970 Chevelle Restomod Tears Up The Streets Of L.A.

Sep 14, 2021 1 min read
Supercharged 1970 Chevelle Restomod Tears Up The Streets Of L.A.

And it's moved by a monster powertrain!

1970 was a golden year for the first muscle car revolution of the American automobile manufacturing industry. GM in particular carved out a space in the hearts and minds of car enthusiasts around that time with releases such as Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, Camaro, Impala, Nova, and the Chevelle. That last entry hangs heavy within the automotive community as it has been used in nearly every single kind of build you could think of. From drag cars to restomods the Chevrolet Chevelle has been recognized as God’s gift to cars. This is best shown through this car which has been transformed from a crumbling classic car to a violent vicious vehicle, this is one badass ride.

Under the bulging hood of this wicked automobile is a Chevy LS2 fitted with a Magnuson supercharger. This incredible combination sums up to a power output of 550 horsepower and similar torque figures which allows the car to hit high speeds while still retaining “reasonable driveability. This Chevelle serves as more of a show car as the owner doesn't plan on using the car in any kind of racing. That made this build the perfect candidate to receive a full air suspension system that can drop that sucker down in a heartbeat.

That bold engine is coated in a brazen gold ad black paint job which further drives home the powerful show car look. The exterior of the body is a gray metallic coating which makes the gold-painted wheels stand out in a crowd. Of course, that exterior is made to fit perfectly along with the inside of the vehicle with black leather accompanying the beautiful custom shift button control panel for the five-speed automatic transmission. This all allows the car to tear up the streets of LA with both performance and style combining the raw power and speed of a hot rod with the comfort and image of a luxury build.

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