What Happened To Bonnie And Clyde’s Death Car?

Nov 19, 2022 2 min read
What Happened To Bonnie And Clyde’s Death Car?

What happened to the infamous Ford V8 that took Bonnie and Clyde across the nation on their 13 victim killing and robbing spree?

Bonnie and Clyde were some of history’s most infamous killers ever to use the vast roads of America to their advantage. The stories of their various adventures in the world of crime have made them icons in the minds of most Americans. Traveling mainly through Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Missouri, these criminals would go on to terrify the nation with their intense killing spree of 13 people. This wild string of killing and robbery was completed with a stolen 1934 Ford V8, which was faster than most police vehicles at the time. But, of course, that car is now a piece of American history as it is the car that the devilish duo would lose their lives in. So, where is it now?

The answer to that question is a rather difficult one. After the deaths of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, the original owner, Ruth Warren, tried to claim the car as it had been stolen from her garage in Topeka. Unfortunately, the Sheriff told her that she would have to pay $15,000 to get it back, and she took him to court over the matter. After winning the case, she sold the car to John Castle, operating under “United Shows,” but had to repossess the vehicle due to a defaulting contract. Finally, she unloaded the bullet-riddled ride onto a Carnival owner on a renting basis who later went on to fully purchase the vehicle. After touring the country and parading through many major cities in the US, the car went to Ted Toddy and was sold to Primadonna Resorts Inc. in 1988 for $250,000.

The actual car was difficult to identify for a long time due to a ridiculous amount of replica cars and fakes. Finally, however, the actual Bonnie and Clyde car was discovered in a casino at Whiskey Pete's in Primm, Nevadasurrounded by glass - it's pretty kitschy. There you’ll find all 112 bullet holes in the body of the car, Clyde’s blood-spattered and torn shirt, which Clyde’s sister has signed, and some other pieces of memorabilia surrounding the Ford.

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