1968 Charger Build Is Unrecognizable From Original Form

Aug 4, 2021 2 min read
1968 Charger Build Is Unrecognizable From Original Form

It would be hard to tell this was even a Dodge Charger.

1968 was an incredible time for the Dodge lineup of muscle and pony cars. The recent redesign of the Changer had just hit the market and fans loved it. That wide-open grille, sleek body lines, thick tires, and beautiful Hemi V8 shook the Mopar community to its core and virtually started the short-lived first muscle car revolution which lasted from 1968-1972. This has led the Charger to become one of America’s most famous muscle cars. Of course, no incredible car would be complete without its avid cult following of dedicated Mopar lovers and Charger fanatics. Here we have a prime example, a man so dedicated to the Mopar life that he’s decided to build himself a fully-fledged Charger Nascar from a 1968 model.

From the looks of it, this car has been to hell and back having undergone some major invasive surgery along the way. With the engine fully exposed for the world to see and an exhaust note that would have some top fuel dragsters running home with their tails between their legs, this is all about function over form. The absolutely gorgeous interior gives a fashionable style and comforting ride with a racing seat that looks like a bunch of scrap metal that has been welded together and a transmission tunnel that is literally just half of a metal barrel bolted to the frame. The dedication to doing this build for speed is extremely commendable here.

It's hard to look at this car and wonder what exactly it's supposed to be until that crazy engine fires up and you hear what sounds like a thousand spartan soldiers rushing into battle on horseback. This was the first time the insanely stripped down and powerful NASCAR-inspired build had been driven and the builder wanted to give it the beans. So that's exactly what he did, from incredible pulls down long narrow roads to drifting wildly around hills of dirt and hay with ease, to even ripping a sick burnout inside of the garage, this car looks fun. As far as we know the car has yet to be finished but we can't wait to see more of it soon.

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