With A 1964 Ford Cobra By Unique Motorsports, Impressing Everyone Is Second Nature

May 24, 2019 2 min read
With A 1964 Ford Cobra By Unique Motorsports, Impressing Everyone Is Second Nature

Who doesn’t like the look of this roadster?

Smooth lines and potent performance come together in this 1964 Ford Cobra by Unique Motorsports. While having the original performance monster made by Carrol Shelby would be cool, it takes a mountain of cash that simply is beyond the means of most people. You can still capture lots of attention and have loads of fun behind the wheel of this great little roadster.

With A 1964 Ford Cobra By Unique Motorsports, Impressing Everyone Is Second Nature

An immaculate blue paint job with a grey racing stripe looks fantastic. There are plenty of other cool and authentic details, like the chrome fender vents, hood scoop, and custom spinner wheels. Of course there’s the chrome roll bar on the driver’s side, a detail which is critical to look like the original Cobra.

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Like the original, this little car is packing some big heat. A 302ci V8 with a five-speed manual transmission ensure you stay engaged and happy during any drive. It puts 300-horsepower at your command, which is plenty in a roadster like this. Rack and pinion steering makes for great precision even when pressed hard, while the four-wheel independent suspension helps keep those tires planted firmly on the road or track. This build uses a Jaguar inner-disc-brake rear end, so you have plenty of stopping force that’s also predictable, and that can literally be a lifesaver.

On the inside, you’ll find a nice and modern setup so you can easily manage this car. Stewart Warner gauges include a 160-mph speedometer, plus they’re super simple to read, so you pay more attention to driving. The dual sport mirrors help with visibility, so you don’t have to be constantly turning your head. A nice wood steering wheel hearkens back to a day when cars were works of art instead of hunks of plastic. Electric wipers ensure you can see if it starts to rain, while the Modern Retro Sound Stereo doesn’t look modern but comes with all those conveniences you want but think you can’t have in this kind of a car.

People really go wild over reproductions of the original Cobra, so this will be desirable in the years to come, making it a good investment vehicle.

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