Top 10 Best Classic Cars To Restore

Oct 21, 2018 1 min read
Top 10 Best Classic Cars To Restore

Snatch these up!

There’s a common thread here: parts availability. That is the number one practical consideration for your choice of restoration project, allied with the desirability of the finished vehicle.

From that point it’s about simplicity of construction, and the materials used too. Many of these lists place the MGB at number one, but if whoever wrote such a list had ever tried restoring the complicated sills, front wings or rear wings tops, for example, they might change their mind.

Sometimes, seemingly simple construction can prove tricker than expected too. Ever tried aligning the front and rear sections, plus one piece bonnet and front wings, on the chassis of a Triumph Spitfire (or GT6, Herald or Vitesse)? Yowch. For what it’s worth, we place the Spitfire at an invisible number 11. If you’re wondering, the Morris Minor and early Corvettes were close contenders too.

Size matters as well. It’s so much easier to manoeuvre a small, light car than a big one. All the same, there’s one muscle car in this list – it’s not huge by American standards, it’s of relatively simple construction and everything is available for it.

So take a look at this top ten. But remember that the most important consideration of all is whether or not you love the car in question. Because if you don’t love it, the toils of restoration will be harder to take.

*Thanks to Barons auction house for the use of the picture above, from a previous sale.*

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