This Classic Dodge Demon Is A Real Beast

Apr 26, 2019 2 min read
This Classic Dodge Demon Is A Real Beast

Equipped with a 426 Stroker V8, this old-school muscle car is a true classic of the drag strip

We all know of the drag strip conquering Dodge Demon of today. You know, the one with 840-horsepower and the ability to crack 0-60 in under 3 seconds. Well, it wasn’t the first Dodge to wear the Demon nameplate, as this 1972 model by Classic Car Liquidators testifies.

Unlike the modern car, this classic Demon is based on the 1970s 2-door Dodge Dart and was designed to be the performance model of the range. Various optional performance packs could be added, as well as distinctive bodywork. The car’s sizeable hood scoop soon became a signature item, one that this example wears with pride.


The mustard yellow muscle car features plenty of performance goodies that make it primed for the next 1/4 mile run. Beneath the hood scoop is a huge 426 Stroker V8 engine, so ignore the ‘383 Magnum’ script on display. The pristine engine bay plays host to a quick fuel carburetor, ceramic long tube headers, and aluminum pulleys. This tower of power is a sight to behold.

While the car does have a few luxuries such as power steering and a good sound system, its other equipment was fitted with the drag strip in mind. Micky Thomson tires and a line lock function means that this Demon should hook-up well off the line. That distinctive Hurst shifter is another sign that this car is a serious piece of kit.

The whole car is in a beautifully restored condition, with its interior being a particular highlight. Unblemished bucket seats and classic wood trim sets the scene for an old-school experience. Grip that wooden wheel tight, stare down the hood, and prepare to be transported back in time to the golden age of muscle cars.

Classic Car Liquidators have the 41,894-mile car listed for $29,999. With collector interest in this era of muscle car only increasing, we don’t expect this Demon to hang around for long.

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Source: Classic Car Liquidators

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