This 790HP Custom Chevrolet Camaro Is SEMA Royalty

Mar 19, 2019 2 min read
CFS 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SEMA

Customizing a classic car is often a question of taste, with each build reflecting the desires of its creator. Some of these restomods can be cringe inducing, but other serve to elevate the car on which it is based. This 1969 Chevrolet Camaro built for SEMA is very much the latter with multiple awards serving as its credentials.

Currently listed on eBay for $148,500 this Merlin 565 ‘big block’ Camaro looks like its set for the drag strip with its wide rear tires, bulging hood, and protruding velocity stacks. Its lowered coilover suspension hunkers the car low to the ground for a menacing stance, while its bespoke orange paint glints in the sun.


This custom Art Morrison chassis hosts a 565 cubic-inch engine that’s capable of sending a supercar shaming 790hp to the rear wheels. That comes courtesy of the car’s aluminum flow heads and Borla fuel injection. It sounds purposeful at idle, let alone at full throttle for a quarter mile sprint.

The car also features a unique interior with body-colored accents and distinctive leather upholstery. A rather gothic chrome steering wheel is pinned to the dashboard along with a series of instrumentation gauges. While the cabin does incorporate a roll cage, there’s still enough space for two rear passengers to come along for the ride.

As mentioned, this car is SEMA royalty with five awards from the show and four from other events. According to its description, in its trophy cabinet is 2 SEMA feature show car wins, 3 SEMA countdown car victories, 3 time world of wheels winner, and it is a Casey Cup award winner. You’r not just buying a Camaro, you’re also buying the the kudos that comes with this show stopping car.

At the time of writing, you have three days to place a bid on this custom Camaro. It’s costly, but can you really put a price on success?

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Source: Ebay

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