Survivor-Grade 1950 Buick Super Riviera Is Minty Fresh

Aug 12, 2019 2 min read
Survivor-Grade 1950 Buick Super Riviera Is Minty Fresh

It’s got that ‘50s styling and classic single-stage color look.

Take a moment and answer this question: when was the last time you spotted a 1950 Buick Super Riviera? It likely wasn’t today and probably not yesterday either; it may not have even been at the last local car show you attended. Well, now is your chance to own one and change that answer for someone. Streetside Classics is pleased to announce this gorgeous, survivor-grade 1950 Buick Super Riviera for your consideration. Not only is this the special kind of body that you rarely see nowadays, but it’s just how you’d want a classic of this caliber to look with a Fireball straight-eight under the hood to impress even further.

Survivor-Grade 1950 Buick Super Riviera Is Minty Fresh

The minty green paint is not original to the car, but that could be your little secret. It sports that classic single-stage look with the ideal 1950’s pale hue. It emits a luster like no other, and one that truly brings out the nostalgia in this classic. This model is also only the second year that Buick offered the now-famous, cool pillarless hardtop. Every classic design element of this car is just beautiful from the long front fender line to the rear wheel arch that mimics a fastback roofline. The bumpers on this example are in great shape with just the right amount of patina to make people really view it as the survivor machine it is. All in all, this is an impressive example of a vintage classic that has been loved for over 70 years.

The pillarless hardtop on this Super Riviera also allows people to get a good look inside. In the cabin, there’s more original styling to drive home the fact that this is a survivor-grade example. It’s complete with everything right down to the AM radio that is still fully operational. Sit in the driver’s seat and you’ll be transported back to the 1950s as you grip the original Buick Super wheel with a stylized center cap. Behind that are clear and correct gauges set in an original art deco dashboard.

Survivor-Grade 1950 Buick Super Riviera Is Minty Fresh

The piano-style hinge of the hood is always something that draws crowds at car shows and events. As the people start to gather around this Buick, they’ll ooh and ahh at the motor’s original condition, right down to the correct carb and generator. Powering this beauty is a 263 cubic-inch (Fireball 8) straight-eight that is believed to be original to the coupe. These inline engines were known for being smooth–a feeling that is heightened by the Dynaflow automatic transmission.

Don’t let this sale pass you by. The current asking price for this stunning classic Buick is set at an affordable $21,995, and you can make an offer right here. The sale of this vehicle includes the owner's manual and boxes of documents.

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