Rare Burberry Edition London Taxi Up For Auction

Feb 22, 2019 2 min read
Rare Burberry Edition London Taxi Up For Auction

A LTI TXII Burberry Edition only available through the 2002 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is up for auction in Los Angeles.

With sightings as common as the pigeons that roam Trafalgar Square, the LTI TX model lineup has remained nearly unchanged since 1997. Aside from subtle design modifications to keep up with the times, these are without question the most recognisable taxis world-wide. Taxi drivers around the world fell in love with their ability to turn on a dime, with a turning circle of just eight meters.


The example shown here is a rather different beast. The Burberry Edition TXII was available only through the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book from 2002; a gift giving catalogue of the highest luxury. Built for North American shores, these left-hand drive examples were shipped exclusively through London Taxis of North America and consequently supplied to Neiman Marcus.

LTI taxis are a rare sight on North American shores even in standard guise, with reportedly just 250 examples imported over the models seven year production run, making this limited edition rarer still. With an original sticker price of $58,900 this is hardly surprising, as with inflation taken into account this equates to a whopping $82,412. Considering you could buy a brand new Dodge Demon for an extra $2583, this does make us question the logic of those brave enough to part with the cash back in 2002.

In true Burberry style with their iconic plaid pattern, this TXII was completely re-trimmed from the factory in Burberry leather, with subtle additions to the cab including a wooden veneered dashboard. Those with a particular eye for detail will even notice the optional Burberry Equestrian Knight hood ornament, which sets the car off with a real touch of class. Power still came from the Ford Transit derived 2.4-liter Duratorq engine, delivering a meagre 88hp via a four speed automatic transmission.

Despite the plush interior which would have won over the public when hailing such a taxi, this particular example has never seen a fare exchanged in its 17 years. With a mere 2,400 miles on the odometer, this has to be one of the rarest and lowest mileage TXII’s in the world. The original owner only parted with the vehicle in 2017 according to the current vendor.

With exclusivity, practicality, and thorough ease of use on its side, perhaps this is the bargain shopping trolley you have been missing from your lives.

Source: Bring A Trailer

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