One Of 78 Ultra Low Mile Camaro HTR 750 Up For Auction

May 9, 2019 1 min read
One Of 78 Ultra Low Mile Camaro HTR 750 Up For Auction

This Redline Motorsports built Camaro has a blueprinted engine producing 750 horsepower and could be yours!

After an eight year hiatus due to slowing sales of the F-Body platform, the Camaro finally returned to dealers around the country in 2010. Having been totally redesigned to take the fight back to Ford, Chevrolet threw everything they had into the project.

The retro inspired Camaro was an overnight hit, and thanks to a 100 horsepower advantage over the Mustang GT, it wiped the floor with it. Pete Estes’ famous line, ‘Camaro is a small vicious animal that eats Mustangs for breakfast’, would have certainly had authority in 2010.

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One would think that shoving a whole 100HP into the horsepower advantage stats would have been enough, but not so for famed tuning company, Redline Motorsports. They decided to take the Camaro SS, and turn it up to 11.

The car, offered through Leake Auction Company, is just one of 78 of these HTR 750 models produced, and as the name suggests, it has some fairly insane numbers to brag about. The 427 cubic-inch engine was blue printed and given many forged internals for a start. A four inch forged crankshaft connects to forged H-beam connecting roads which lead to some custom alloy forged blower pistons - you get the idea.

All this wizardry, along with a whacking greater blower, leads to a power output of - you guessed it - 750 horsepower. Remember this was nine years ago, long before Dodge had even considered making the Demon or Hellcat.

To add to its incredible rarity, number 30 of 78 has been kept in a climate controlled environment its entire life, and amazingly has just 1650 miles on the odometer. Completing the package is a certificate of authenticity from Redline Motorsports, confirming its provenance along with a dyno printout so you can show all your mates down the pub what an absolute animal you’ve acquired.

For more information on this demonic Camaro, visit Leake Auction Company.

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