Hennessey Tuner School Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Dec 12, 2019 2 min read
Hennessey Tuner School Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Training the future of fast!

We all love fast, tuned cars, so as the aftermarket industry continues to grow, new talent has to come from somewhere. Ten years ago, Hennessey Performance Engineering realized there wasn’t an established place for people to learn the fundamentals of auto performance tuning, so it created the Tuner School, which it brands as the "world’s only automotive technical school dedicated to teaching car enthusiasts how to modify and tune cars."

Hennessey Tuner School Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Hennessey has been tuning vehicles and "making cars faster" since 1991, but as cars have changed, people behind these fast cars had to adapt. This unique technical school has helped enthusiasts stay up to date with all of the performance technology out there and continue to expand their knowledge in the tuner world. Over the years, Tuner School has helped hundreds of enthusiasts "break into the tuning and aftermarket industries," and it didn't hurt its employee candidate pool either – one of Tuner School's 2012 graduates, 28-year-old Jerry Dellarportas, is now Hennessey's lead technician and shop foreman.

And now Hennessey plans to grow Tuner School even more with the announcement that the program's tenth anniversary will be celebrated by adding more classes and a new, dedicated teaching facility. The school is located in Sealy, Texas, and it teaches students of performance car skill sets ranging everywhere basic fabrication and racer math to chassis dyno operation and speed measurements and telemetry. The purpose of Tuner School is not only to teach students how to make cars faster but it also focuses on character building and basic business understanding.

Hennessey Tuner School Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Each program costs around $15,000, and it consists of 14 weeks of training and instruction in the classroom and workshop and on the race track; and since hands-on experience is so important, each class is limited to just 15 students. If that's not good enough, enrolled students receive free access to public events held at the nearby Lonestar Motorsports Park including free track time during regular events. What better place to learn about fast cars than on the track!

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