Restore Or Drive This 1963 Toyota FJ45 Split-Window Pickup

Dec 12, 2019 2 min read
Restore Or Drive This 1963 Toyota FJ45 Split-Window Pickup

This vintage truck is a rare driver-quality FJ with just 66,000 original miles.

There are plenty of Land Cruiser projects out there, but if you're looking for a rare FJ that you could drive today or show next year, then you'll want to check out this ultra-cool 1963 Toyota FJ45 pickup. What really sets this FJ apart from others is its highly original condition as well as the rare split-window design, and it's currently up for sale through Vintage Cruisers.

As it sits, this FJ is definitely not a show truck, but it does appear to be a solid pickup with functioning mechanicals. Under the hood is the truck's original six-cylinder engine backed by a three-speed manual transmission with a column-mounted shifter. Shift the transfer into high or low gear, and this truck is sure to get you anywhere you want to go – especially with the fairly new Uniroyal tires. If nothing else, this truck has gotten plenty of use, but it definitely doesn't looks like it's been abused.

Just about any FJ looks cool, but the 1963 FJ45 pickup looks even better with its rear split window and the swing-out spare tire. Although there's a good bit of patina on the body, it doesn't appear that any of the sheet metal is that bad. All FJ pickups seem to have the roof dented in, and this one is no exception. Bottom line, you could drive this truck problem-free as is for years of enjoyment or put a little time and money into this pickup and have a show-quality FJ. Either way, it's sure to turn heads wherever it goes.

According to the listing, all this FJ needs is "a little love and a full servicing and you can get her on the road." About the only thing the listing didn't mention was price, but you can contact Vintage Cruisers any time for more info on this rare split-window truck or any of the other FJs they have listed for sale.

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