Shoot Flames In This Dragon Tank Built For James Bond Dr. No

Oct 31, 2019 1 min read
Shoot Flames In This Dragon Tank Built For James Bond Dr. No

What is better than a dragon tank that shoots flames?

No, your eyes do not deceive you. Here we have a Dragon Tank, an armored tank equipped with, of course, a flame thrower. James Bond fanatics may know exactly what this represents. This Dragon Tank was created for Ian Fleming's 1958 James Bond novel called Dr. No. Orlando Auto Museum can help you turn that fantasy world into reality with this incredible Dragon Tank. Of course your significant other won't care to find this work of art sitting in the driveway. C'mon, it's a Dragon Tank that shoots flames.

Those familiar with the 1958 James Bond novel may remember that the "dragon" as an armored tractor slathered in black and gold. Dr. Julius No used the fire-breathing vehicle to destroy an Audubon Bird sanctuary located on Crab Key. He also used the fire-breathing tank to ward off any curious local that may discover his operations.

Powered by a diesel engine, this tank was given a long metal dragon head that protrudes from the front of the radiator. Even more, the vehicle was given a pair of headlamps equipped with black centers to resemble the eyes, and it was equipped with a long snout complete with open jaws that add to the dragon tank's incredible exterior. To make this tank even more epic is the powerful flamethrower inside the snout.

The 1958 Dr. No novel was turned into the very first James Bond movie that was released in 1962. The spy film featured Sean Connery where he is sent to Jamaica to investigate the disappearance of a British agent. While following the scent, Bond discovers Dr. No's underground operation to interfere with an American space launch using a radio beam weapon.

If this Dragon Tank is calling your name, contact Orlando Auto Museum today. The price is unlisted, but feel free to make an offer here.


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