Dress Up As The Ultimate Pirate Captain In This 'Captain Phillips' Lifeboat

Oct 31, 2019 2 min read
Dress Up As The Ultimate Pirate Captain In This 'Captain Phillips' Lifeboat

You can be the captain now.

A great Halloween costume is all about props, and Volo Auto Museum has the perfect prop if you want to dress up as a modern-day pirate. This freefall lifeboat was used in the 2013 film, Captain Phillips, and it's currently on display at Volo after they acquired it from the studio. Although this lifeboat isn't for sale, it's still spooky with all of the Hollywood blood and brain matter still present inside the vessel.

Dress Up As The Ultimate Pirate Captain In This 'Captain Phillips' Life Boat

Unlike some movies, the studio used an actual lifeboat for filming – instead of creating a fake set – since the boat was such a focal part of this horrifying story. This boat was modified to add air conditioning for the actors, which included Tom Hanks, since it reportedly took nine weeks to film these scenes. The boat on display at Volo is the prop that Tom Hanks was filmed in, but the actual lifeboat that Captain Phillips was rescued in real life from is on display at the Navy Seal Museum in Fort Pierce, Florida, and the original was studied to create an accurate replica including bullet holes and broken glass.

The Volo Auto Museum is located in Volo, Illinois, and as you can see from this movie-prop lifeboat, the museum focuses on more than just cars. Sure there are some incredible cars that span nine exhibits, and there's also everything from vintage snowmobiles, scooters, tractors and campers to antique outboard motors, historic pedal cars, boats from the 1950s and even a military exhibit.

Check out the scene from the movie where the Somali pirates and Captain Phillips first get into the lifeboat as well as a closer look of the craft by Volo.

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