Terrify Everyone In Clown-Piloted Vintage Tin Lizzie Go-Kart

Oct 31, 2019 2 min read
Terrify Everyone In Clown-Piloted Vintage Tin Lizzie Go-Kart

Those pesky neighborhood kids won't know what hit 'em when they stumble across this gem at your front door.

As car enthusiasts, we understand the need and want to collect certain things. For some, it's vintage cars. Others find interest in collecting Coca Cola memorabilia, and other people actually collect clowns. Clowns can fall anywhere along the spectrum of happy-go-lucky to downright creepy, acquired taste if you will. This clown-piloted vintage Coca Cola Tin Lizzie Go-Kart is being offered by Orlando Auto Museum, and it would make the perfect addition to a collection for the clown or Coke products collector or used as a prop to terrify an entire neighborhood. Both options seem like win-win outcomes.

The life-like clown is sitting behind the wheel of a vintage Tin Lizzie Go-Kart, and these Model T-style carts usually sell for a nice chunk of change. They are powered by a Briggs 148cc gasoline-powered engine that puts out 3.5-horsepower, and they were manufactured by Crue Cut out of Kansas. They were equipped with a foot-operated brake, Straton engine vertical shaft, and a transmission with forward, neutral, and reverse gears. These vintage go-karts are made out of metal and feature a wood delivery shelf on the bed. This particular example looks like it comes with additional tires for those spoke wheels.

Many of these Shriner carts were used as promotional vehicles and raffled off from Coca-Cola around 1983. These early '80s gas-powered go-karts may look familiar as you have likely seen them putting around in your local holiday parade, and they may have also been driven by clowns.

If this vintage Coca Cola go-kart is calling your name along with the life-sized clown that is perfect for scaring off those pesky neighborhood kids, feel free to contact Orlando Auto Museum today. Bring Pennywise to life not just on Halloween, but 365 days out of the year. This old-school vehicle is listed at $14,995, but you can make an offer here.


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