Barn Find Hunter Works With Redline Rebuild

Jul 27, 2019 2 min read
Barn Find Hunter Works With Redline Rebuild

Watch these two experts dig up a huge collection of classic cars.

It’s always fun to watch people find a treasure trove of old cars, and Tom Cotter of Barn Find Hunter is one of the best at this. But it’s doubly entertaining to watch him collaborate with Davin Reckow of Redline Rebuild. The two were scouting for prospects in Traverse City, Michigan and what they find is pretty amazing.


Right off the bat, Tom checks a property for cars and the owner gives him complete freedom. It’s all because Tom is driving his Ford DeLuxe, which is a beautifully restored classic. It communicates to other gearheads that Tom is serious about car preservation, something they respect.

Predictably, there are all kinds of interesting vehicles on the property. Among the highlights is a Volkswagen Type 2, old Chevy 3100 heavy-duty trucks, and a 1953 Chrysler Station Wagon, a car Tom feels is well worth the extensive effort necessary to fully restore it.

Tom continued to check out other properties, uncovering other gems like a 1958 Ford Country Sedan, a convertible VW Beetle, several Ford T-Birds, and a 1957 Oldsmobile Super 88 2-door convertible. Because that Olds has a J2 Performance Package, which pushed horsepower to about 300, its value automatically increases by 15 percent, according to Tom.

Another amazing find was an old Mercedes. Popping the trunk, Tom was surprised the seal was still soft, keeping the space impeccably clean and well-preserved. Finally, the big find for Tom was a Ford Model A he estimated was a 1928 or 1929, with another Model A not too far from that. It’s obvious his passion for finding cars worth preserving for future generations runs deep, so watching him work is fascinating.

We also got a hint at what to expect in the next episode as a glimpse of the Olds Super 88 being pulled out of its garage hiding spot flashed on the screen. To see the restoration of that car will be a real treat.

Image credit: YouTube

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