Custom Chevrolet Silverado Is A Retro K5 Blazer

Jul 26, 2019 1 min read
Custom Chevrolet Silverado Is A Retro K5 Blazer

Should Chevy bring back the full-size Blazer?

The diversity of cars displayed at the SEMA Show each year is mind boggling, and despite being held at the largest convention center in the U.S., a large number of show cars still end up spilling out onto nearby parking areas. That was the case at last year's SEMA Show, where ScottieDTV spotted this interesting custom Chevy designed to mimic a retro K5 Blazer.


Built by Fourway Motors of Macgregor, Manitoba, Canada, this interesting looking Blazer is actually a hodgepodge of various GM trucks and SUVs. This truck used the front clip of a Chevy Avalanche, the cab of a Chevy Silverado cab and the cargo box from a GMC Sierra, and it was topped with a modified and removable Leer truck cap. With the top off (as shown in an image on Fourway Motors' Instagram page), the transition from cab to open passenger area doesn't look as clean as the original Blazers, but it's still a very cool custom truck.

It seems like a lot more work than getting a slightly older two-door Blazer/Tahoe/Jimmy and giving it a removable top, but then again, "easy" isn't really the point of a SEMA show vehicle. The interior received plenty of red accents to match the exterior, and the rear passenger area was given a custom roll cage with a baja-style spare tire mount. It would appear that the engine and running gear were all left stock.

With Jeep bringing back a pickup truck and Ford getting ready to launch the next-gen Bronco, the return of a full-size Chevy Blazer would be fun to see – especially if it came with a removable top. Sadly, if you're looking for such a truck from General Motors, you're probably out of luck. The good is that custom jobs like this retro K5 Blazer from Fourway Motors do exist!

h/t: Speed Society via ScottieDTV/YouTube


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