Stop ‘Em Dead With A 1967 Ford Custom Police

Jan 2, 2020 2 min read
Stop ‘Em Dead With A 1967 Ford Custom Police

This is a real cruiser from the Maryland State Police.

Sure, you can grab an American muscle car, a hot rod, or some other classic car to add to your collection and be just fine. But if you want something classic which really stands out from the crowd, grab this 1967 Ford Custom from the Maryland State Police. It was literally designed to stick out, thanks to the unique paint job, gumball roof light, and front passenger-side fender-mounted light. You’re definitely not flying under the radar at any car meets or cruises with this thing.

You might expect a decommissioned police car to be in poor shape, like in The Blues Brothers, but in this case you’d be dead wrong. That Black and Olive exterior absolutely shines without showing any major damage to the body panels. All the police decals look like they’ve survived well and are at least good enough to draw a lot of stares. This vehicle rolls on steel wheels with the factory dog dish hubcaps, a classic police look.

That beige interior looks as good as the outside, with many details you won’t find in a regular Ford. For example, there are floormats with the Maryland state seal embroidered on them, a very nice custom touch. Motorola radios are also included, in case you want to stay connected to your HAM radio buddies while driving somewhere. Refreshed back in 2009, the vinyl seats look surprisingly good, showing this cruiser was treated with care. You also get seat belts on both benches and a deep-padded steering wheel. Also, the trunk comes with all kinds of vintage official police gear, a collector’s dream.

It’s not in the photos, but powering this Ford is a rebuilt 390ci HO FE V8, so you have plenty of power at your disposal. Bolted up to that is a smooth-shifting 3-speed automatic transmission. Heavy-duty suspension, power steering, and power drum brakes were designed to endure hard pursuits.

How often are you going to run across a well-preserved Maryland State Police vehicle? This is a truly rare find and a unique addition to add to your collection. If you’re interested in grabbing this Ford, contact AutoBarn Classic Cars, which is handling the sale.

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