1994 Subaru Alcyone SVX Comes Straight From Japan

Aug 21, 2019 2 min read
1994 Subaru Alcyone SVX Comes Straight From Japan

Yes, this car is right-hand-drive so you can impress your friends.

Beautiful, weird, and performance-oriented, this 1994 Subaru Alcyone SVX has it all. You’re not likely to run across many SVXs on the market these days, but this one is a ride-hand-drive model from the Japanese market, making it even more of a strange sight. Show up at any JDM car show or meet with this luxury grand tourer and you’ll have people fawning over it in no time.

The funky looks on this car are so unique they’re amazing. The window-in-window design really catches your eye, because you just don’t see that on consumer cars. It’s a complete departure from the boxy aesthetics Subaru was married to in the 90s, with swooping lines and a nice rear wing. In fact, it’s not difficult to see how the Alcyone SVX influenced Subaru design later. This particular example has a nice multi-tone gray and silver exterior as well as a black roof. You’ll notice there’s an amber tint on the windows, which was installed in the factory. Everything from the wheels to the badges and even the Japanese market-only decals on the rocker panels are presentable.

Under that curvaceous hood is an EG33 3.3-liter flat-six engine with 230-horsepower on tap. Not only does it provide smooth power delivery, the design of the engine puts the car’s center of gravity low, so handling is impressive. An automatic transmission is also included

There’s a definite difference in the interior of this Alcyone SVX and other Subarus from the same time period. Overall, everything is more upscale with leather and Alcantara seats, plus period-correct seat covers add a nice plushness.

Back in 1989 Subaru showed off the SVX concept a the Tokyo auto show. It was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro himself, with smooth and angular lines coming together to create a completely unique effect. The 1992 production model looked pretty much the same. Thanks to a price which was considerably more than other Subarus, the Alcyone SVX was cut from the lineup after the 1996 model year. Not many are around today, so coming across one is a nice treat. If you’re looking for a quirky, different vehicle to add to your collection, this is an excellent candidate.

This car has been legally imported and is available for purchase through J-Spec Auto Sports.

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