Watch Jay Leno’s Garage Updates On Restorations

Aug 21, 2019 2 min read
Watch Jay Leno’s Garage Updates On Restorations

The man has a lot of projects going on at once.

Few celebrities, if any, love cars more than Jay Leno. His famous Garage is always working on several projects at once, which is simply amazing. And now that CNBC is heavily promoting the Jay Leno’s Garage series, it seems like there’s more to keep track of than ever before. Fortunately, the YouTube channel does regular restoration blogs. The one for August has some really fascinating stuff featured.


One of the project cars is the only automobile to be manufactured in San Francisco, with only two surviving today. As you can imagine, parts aren’t exactly plentiful, so when something broke on the car it was time to have a replacement fabricated. Yes, Jay Leno has a fabricator on staff who takes care of making bespoke and obsolete parts. It makes sense since the man gravitates to some of the oddest, rarest cars out there.

Another interesting highlight was a 1938 MG that has a solid body but the mechanicals were pretty much all wrong. That means extensive work on the little British convertible, so it’s currently sitting without a powertrain, until the work is completed.

Jay’s 1968 Firebird looks like a mess currently. Not only did his team pull out the engine, the entire front end is gone, along with the doors and interior. The car needs extensive work, perhaps the most out of any in this update, so it’s getting a frame-off restoration.

Seeing all these projects, it’s not hard to imagine how Jay Leno keeps a rather large team of mechanics employed. Many of these vehicles aren’t exactly easy to maintain, plus the restoration work is intensive on examples like the Firebird. He has a nice garage and is doing something great with the fortune he made in comedy and as host of the Tonight Show, which is really wonderful to see.

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