Get Spoiled With This 1984 Subaru Brat

Aug 14, 2019 2 min read
Get Spoiled With This 1984 Subaru Brat

Lamborghini doors and a rear tea set will leave you spoiled as a... brat!

The Subaru Brat is already an oddball of a vehicle to begin with, but if you thought this car/truck couldn't get any weirder, check out this one out. Adding to the wackiness of the Brat, this one has been heavily customized both inside and out, and it's currently for sale on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $7,500.

You can tell this Brat has been modified from outer space thanks to its Sunlight Yellow paint job, but if for some reason you don't stand out in a bright yellow Subaru, opening the Lamborghini-style scissor doors will ensure that your arrival doesn't go unnoticed. The Brat was also given a parts-store hood scoop, front push bumper and "simulated oversize rear tires" (*he flipped the rear wheels around to make them look wider) as well as the custom roll cage that might give rear occupants a fighting chance for survival if the truck were to flip.

Swing up the Lambo doors to see the semi-custom interior consisting of a black-and-yellow color combination to match the exterior, rewrapped seats and a racing steering wheel. Instead of the factory butterfly t-tops that reached all the way to the edge of the roofline, this Brat has an aftermarket-looking sunroof with two panels that still open like the t-tops did. The engine compartment also got some attention with a yellow air cleaner to match the body color. This truck is pictured with a carpeted floormat and small picnic table for a romantic Subie getaway. How fancy!

The Subaru Brat was sold in the U.S. from 1978 through 1987, and the iconic rear jump seats, which were dropped after the 1985 model year, helped dodge the 25 percent Chicken Tax the U.S. government imposed on import trucks. According to the listing, this truck was restored in 2010 (and then again in 2012), and it has been thoroughly maintained in the years since.


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