Celebrate JDM Glory In A 1994 Nissan Gloria Gran Turismo

Nov 26, 2019 2 min read
Celebrate JDM Glory In A 1994 Nissan Gloria Gran Turismo

Legally imported from Japan, this sedan is ready to roll.

If you’re a fan of JDM cars and want something unique yet fun to drive, this 1994 Nissan Gloria Gran Turismo from Driver Motorsports should be on your short list. Wearing a nice coat of Pearl White and some nice blacked-out trim pieces, this Japanese luxury sedan is dressed to impress. Even better, this unique car is being offered at just $13,900.

Celebrate JDM Glory In A 1994 Nissan Gloria Gran Turismo

Legally imported, you can register and drive this Nissan on public roads without any problem. People are going to be wondering what you’re riding in, especially once they realize the steering wheel is of the right side of the car.

This Y32 is super clean, showing zero signs of rust creeping in. It also has some nice aftermarket mods to push things to the next level. Most obvious are the 18-inch Advan Model T7 wheels and the de-badged grille. Adding to the sleek looks is an AM front lip, AM side skirts, AM rear lip, headlight eyelids, AM lowering springs, and 6000K HID low beams.

The Granite interior is extremely clean and features even more modifications. Everyone can see the oversized Pivot tachometer mounted to the dash. A Momo steering wheel adds to the engaging feeling of driving this car.

While this car has the factory 3.0-liter V6 and 5-speed automatic transmission, performance has been juiced up a little with a fun Junction Produce exhaust and ISR Pro tension arms. If you get this car, it should be a reliable yet entertaining ride to use for cruising through town.

While there aren’t too many of the Nissan Glorias in the United States, this one is a standout. It comes with some rare factory features like a sunroof and air purifier. One of the luxury models which originated in the Prince Motor Company, the Gloria was first introduced back in 1959. The Y32 is the ninth generation, launched in 1991 and lasting through 1995.

To get further details on this car or to make an offer, contact Driver Motorsports. You can check out the other cars in stock, many of which are JDM models.

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