Shine On With A 1999 Duesenberg II Torpedo Phaeton

Nov 26, 2019 2 min read
Shine On With A 1999 Duesenberg II Torpedo Phaeton

This is a car for discerning enthusiasts.

The aura of the Duesenberg is mesmerizing to anyone who knows about the storied brand’s history. While you might be well aware it was the foremost luxury car before the Great Depression, you might be surprised to see something like this 1999 Duesenberg II Torpedo Phaeton from Volo Auto Sales. After all, it’s a car that was build in the 90s, not the 20s.

Shine On With A 1999 Duesenberg II Torpedo Phaeton

No, this vehicle isn’t part of some scam. It’s an official reproduction car, which is why it’s called a Duesenberg II. Elite Heritage Motors Corp in Wisconsin crafted modern classics from 1977 to 2011. Using the Duesenberg Model J as a template, the company made only 71 recreations during that time. Five different body types were created, including the Phaeton. You’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference between this and an original Duesenberg at first glance.

Unlike some antique cars, this Torpedo Phaeton can be enjoyed without fear different parts are going to crumble. Instead, you get a strong, modern 351ci Ford V8 and C-6 automatic transmission, also from Ford. For servicing, you can have any Ford dealer or independent shop perform the work, eliminating the need to use a far more expensive and less convenient specialist.

Upgrades you wouldn’t get in an original Duesenberg abound. The custom-built full frame features an X-member for considerable chassis rigidity, which translates into better handling. Unlike the standard Dual Cowl Phaetons, this model has windows instead of curtains, so you can drive in the rain or wind in greater comfort. You also enjoy air conditioning, a modern stereo, and Wilton carpeting.

There’s still some history in this car. The altimeter in the dash is from an old Duesenberg, which is quite amazing. Also original from Duesenberg are the glass lenses on the full-size headlights. The twin horns are bugle-style, like what you find on classic models.

Elite Heritage Motors Corp only made 7 Torpedo Phaetons, so this is truly a collectible car. If you want to add it to your garage, contact Volo Auto Sales to talk terms. Alternatively, you can look over the other vehicles Volo has in stock, or use the company’s classic car locator to track down the car you really want.

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