1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Resto Mod Is Smokin’ Hot

May 8, 2019 2 min read
1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Resto Mod Is Smokin’ Hot

They definitely didn’t make them quite like this.

Picture a classic muscle car in your head, and chances are it’s similar if not exactly like this 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS resto mod. This thing has that look guaranteed to turn heads and draw a crowd at any gathering. At the same time, you enjoy some modern innovations that kick performance into the stratosphere. This amazing package deal comes via GAA Classic Cars.

1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Resto Mod Is Smokin’ Hot

As you can see, this Chevy wears a nice dark green paint job which is downright lustrous from any angle. The white stripes down the middle let everyone know this ride is all about serious performance, plus they provide that classic muscle car styling that makes the crowds go wild. Polished Rally wheels, chrome bumpers, and chrome trim tighten things up further. All the original badges are present, completing a traditional look.

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Open the door to find a cool green interior. Two-tone green seats, green carpeting, green door panels, etc. create a nice connection with the car’s exterior. You also get the stock steering wheel and dash for the full retro experience, while updated gauges are cool extremely functional. A modern radio ensures better entertainment, if you don’t want to listen to the throaty V8 engine any more. You also get the vintage air conditioning, which is quite cool, literally.

Of course, being the SS model, this Chevelle packs the hard-hitting and legendary 454 V8. That means 400-horsepower coursing through the rear wheels for loads of tire-shredding fun. An automatic transmission and power steering take the labor out of driving this beast, so you can concentrate better on staying on the straight and narrow. Thanks to a Flow Master exhaust, this car positively sings whether you’re cruising or burying the needle.

To say a Chevelle SS like this one is hot, whether a resto mod or not, is a huge understatement. Considering this is roundly considered to be one of the most iconic car from the heyday of American muscle, the value of this ride is going in only one direction: up.

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