Early F-150 Lightning Up For Auction With GT40 Cylinder Heads

May 8, 2019 2 min read
1993 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning

This 1993 Lightning comes in black and looks ready for both the builders merchant and the drag strip.

Out of all the names seen on special production vehicles over the years, Lightning has to be one of the coolest. Quite suitable, then, as it matches up to one of the coolest trucks ever produced.

Once pickups became a staple in American homes, companies began to push the boat out with configurations available. Most were attempting to make their pickups more luxurious and comfortable, to steadily move away from the commercial feel typically associated with them, but Ford had other ideas. Rather bonkers ideas at that.

In 1993, Ford decided to drop their first performance orientated truck, the F-150 Lightning, like the one featured here by GAA Classic Cars. Fitted with a 5.8-liter V8, Ford decided to make use of some back stock GT40 cylinder heads they had lying around, and promptly put them to use on these. ‘GT40’ and ‘truck’ aren’t usually two words you’d throw together in the pan, but Ford clearly thought it was a good idea, and we tend to agree. It’s madness.

1993 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning

Although many of you may say the GMC Syclone did the whole performance thing first, and made it a quicker vehicle, they also removed most of its trucking ability in the process, meaning big payloads were not something that should be going anywhere near one. Unlike the Lightning, that could head to the builders merchants in the day to tow up to 8400 pounds, and return home via a drag strip after work.

With 240-horsepower it was capable of a 60 MPH dash in just 7.2 seconds - it was even quicker round a track than a Mustang GT of the same era. Considering the size difference, we think that’s pretty mental.

Along with the power hike, the suspension and frame were adjusted to make the F-150 handle like a pro, with a beefy brake upgrade to take care of stopping power.

For more information on this first year of production Lightning, visit GAA.

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