Fully-Documented 1970 Superbird 440 Six-Pack Has A Lemon Twist

Nov 18, 2019 2 min read
Fully-Documented 1970 Superbird 440 Six-Pack Has A Lemon Twist

Own the ultimate Mopar muscle car.

Made right at the height of the muscle car wars, the Plymouth Superbird is a thing of legend. It doesn’t just represent one of the best Mopars of the period, it was also a motorsports legend, dominating the NASCAR circuit until regulations changed. That’s what makes the chance to own a 1970 Plymouth Superbird so amazing. Presented in fantastic condition, you can grab this American classic for your garage from The Vault.

Garage This 1970 Plymouth Superbird

You can immediately identify a Plymouth Superbird because it wears a nose cone and super tall rear wing. The Lemon Twist Yellow paint adds just more zing to the exterior. The black vinyl roof looks glossy and rich. Black accents plus the Plymouth and Road Runner logos preserve the original look and feel of this vehicle.

Sitting under the hood is a 440ci V8 engine with 6bbl car. A 4-speed manual transmission adds to the fun. There’s also a 3.54:1 Sure-Grip Heavy-Duty 9-3/4” Dana 80 Differential helping this car to hook up and go. Galen Govier inspected and certified the numbers-matching engine and transmission, plus the rear end and fender tag, so you know you’re getting a genuine machine. If you opt to buy this Plymouth, you get those inspections so you can prove these details later. Everything under the hood is spotless, with the engine, valve covers, and air cleaner cover painted orange.

As if that weren’t enough to be interested in this Superbird, the Charcoal and Black interior looks gorgeous. The door panels, dash, and seats have a glossy appearance and no sign of damage, with all factory equipment and premium trim in place, including the Road Runner logo on the steering wheel hub. Adding further to the desirability of this car is the pistol-grip shifter.

A car like this is a tremendous addition to any vehicle collection, large or small. If you have questions about this car, you can contact The Vault for details.

Know that The Vault has a wide variety of vehicles for sale and offers an array of services, including purchase protection, appraisals, and more.

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