Perfect 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS Seeks New Custodian

May 26, 2019 2 min read
Perfect 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS Seeks New Custodian

Seeking that perfect example of Chevrolet's 1969 Camaro RS? Look no further...

The Chevrolet Camaro needs no introduction. Those of a culturally-driven persuasion worship the Ford Mustang as an automotive embodiment of the American dream. However, for us, the Camaro is king. Especially last-of-the-line first generation examples. Arguably the most popular of all the Camaros, we’ve found a perfect 1969 RS example hiding in the Motorious classifieds that’s worthy of your attention.

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Boasting the Rally Sport Option with a special grille arrangement featuring concealed headlights, this specimen from Midwest Car Exchange appears perfect in every way. From its bright accented rear fender louvers and RS emblems, to the chrome bumpers and headlight washers, this beast radiates serious amounts of concours health.

Paintwork and body panels seem to escaped the wraths of time, while the cabin is presented in timewarp condition. Upon lifting the hood, you’ll find that nothing is out of place and the engine bay shows no sign of abuse. It’s honestly like scrutinizing a factory fresh 1969 car. Even the Goodyear Eagle ST tires are perfect.

The original Protect-o-Plate dictates that the original dealership was in Norfolk, Virginia, which leads us to believe this Camaro has been garaged most of its life to escape the winter weather. The Chevrolet 350ci V8 engine With Holley 4 Barrel carburettor also fires up as though brand new. Trust us, the exhaust note is incredibly moreish. You could easily spend an afternoon burning through a full tank of gas simply blipping the throttle on tick over. You’d probably draw an appreciative crowd, too.

The price? This 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS will set you back little under $45k. For that cost, you’ll bag one of the finest examples on the market. The big question is, though, would you dare use it?

Having been preserved in such amazing condition, are you sensible enough to treat this car with kid gloves, or would you attack it with lead feet and gloves made from real kids? To abuse such a timewarp would be a sin, but then, this is a Camaro. It lives for throaty burnouts and hard acceleration. What a conundrum…

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