Set The Pace In This 1966 Mercury Cyclone GT Convertible

Sep 18, 2019 2 min read
Set The Pace In This 1966 Mercury Cyclone GT Convertible

One of 100 pace car replicas built by Ford for the '66 Indy 500.

The Indianapolis 500 is over 100 years old, which means more than 100 cars have had the honor of pacing this historical race. In 1966, that honor went to the Mercury Cyclone GT Convertible marking the last of three pace car appearances for Mercury. Mercury only produced 100 pace car replicas, and thanks to Orlando Classic Cars, this one could be yours!

1966 Mercury Cyclone GT Indy 500 Pace Car

Aside from the pace car decals, there was nothing that set this car apart from other Cyclone GT models, but the GT in itself was a special car with its "S" code 390 CID, four-barrel V8 under the hood – non GT Cyclones had lower-output versions of this engine with Y and H codes. The Cyclone GT was rated at 335 horsepower, while the Y- and H-code engines were rated at 265 and 275 horsepower, respectively.

The Cyclone GT was distinguishable by its fiberglass hood with a pair of air scoops, white stripes along the rocker panels, redline tires and obvious Cyclone GT badging. For added performance, the Cyclone GT was also equipped with redline tires on chromed styled steel wheels, power steering and power front disc brakes and a special handling package that added heavy-duty springs, shock absorbers and a front sway bar.

Painted in a bright red with a white top and interior, this 1966 Mercury Cyclone GT Convertible has an incredible visual presence, which is intensified by the pace car decals. Between the color and the decals, you definitely won't be overlooked while driving this car around.

This 1966 Mercury Cyclone GT Convertible Indy 500 Pace Car is definitely a rarity in terms of both pace cars and high-quality Mercury Cyclone GT models, and this one is currently being sold by Orlando Classic Cars for $55,000. As always, you can make an offer on this car by clicking HERE.


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