Roll Through In A Highly Customized 1966 Ford F100

Sep 18, 2019 2 min read
Roll Through In A Highly Customized 1966 Ford F100

The amount of impressive work done on this Ford truck is staggering.

With over 1,000 hours of fabrication work performed on this 1966 Ford F100, plus a number of other upgrades, this truck is uniquely amazing. While it rides high on a 6-inch suspension lift and 2-inch body lift, this pickup comes with a classic two-tone look that will draw loads of admiration. It went through a restoration process back in 2016 and now is going up for auction.

Roll Through In A Highly Customized 1966 Ford F100

Ready to roll through all kinds of conditions, this truck has some seriously upgraded features. For starters, the frame comes from a 1979 Ford High Boy, combined with a 4x4 suspension. The front and rear roll pans are completely custom-made. Power comes from a Ford 351M engine paired up with a 4-speed transmission. Emphasizing that this truck has been made to go wherever, the entire underbody has been coated with Rhino lining so corrosion and so forth isn’t a problem.

That body has an absolutely lustrous shine to it, instead of being beat up and rough. Bright chrome strips separate the black and red portions on the sides, while all the classic elements on the front and rear are present. The whole thing rolls on massive 35-inch BFG tires.

Plenty of custom work has been done for the interior. For example, the dash was built by hand and houses a 6-pack instrument cluster from Classic Instruments. Push-button ignition has been installed, along with a Pioneer Mixtrack with a 7-inch screen, Bluetooth, and satellite radio. A complete JL speaker setup has been installed, including a subwoofer and amp. Air conditioning from Restomod Air makes this Ford plenty comfortable for traveling in the summer months.

It’s great to have an aggressive classic vehicle like this 1966 Ford F100. It has all the right upgrades to make it a blast to drive on or off the road, all while staying nice and comfortable. To bid on it, contact Saratoga Auto Auction.

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