'60s Fuzz: 1965 Ford Custom 500 Police Car

Feb 8, 2020 2 min read
'60s Fuzz: 1965 Ford Custom 500 Police Car

This retired police car would look perfect on a movie set or leading a parade.

Police car replicas are an entertaining niche of the classic car industry, but it's even cooler when you can find an actual police car that used to help keep the streets safe. That's the case with this 1965 Ford Custom 500 police car, which is said to have been owned by a rural sheriff's department from 1964 through 1968.

Instead being the typical black-and-white cruiser, this retired Ford police car wears a more unique brown and tan paint job. Although actual details about the car's past are slim, this Custom 500 appears to be an older restoration due to the generally good condition of the exterior and interior with slight defects in the paint and body. Aside from the obvious body decals, the whip antenna, roof-mounted spinning emergency light, A-pillar spot light and red flashing lower headlights all make this sheriff's patrol car truly authentic.

Under the hood, you won't be chasing down high-speed bandits as this Ford cop car uses a 240 CID six-cylinder and three-speed automatic. As they say, though, you can outrun the car but you can't outrun the radio. And this car has all the period-correct electronics to make it a great show piece. Nestled next to the steering column you'll find all the electronics you'd expect from a 1960s police car including the CB radio/loudspeaker system and light controls. This car even has what appears to be a period-correct Electro-Matic vehicle speed radar!

It might not be Mayberry's black-and-white Ford Galaxie, but this retired police car is just as cool. Such a unit would make a great movie set car or even a highlight of a holiday parade not to mention how much fun it would be cruise up to your local cars and coffee event. Who doesn't love looking at an old cop car?

If a retired cruiser is the type of classic car you have your eyes on, then contact Classic Auto Mall for more information on this $12,900 Ford police car. Or you can alway click HERE to make an offer on this Custom 500.


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