1962 Chevrolet Bel Air Was Born For Drag Racing

Aug 15, 2019 2 min read
1962 Chevrolet Bel Air Was Born For Drag Racing

Built to conquer the quarter mile in 7.50 seconds

This insanely quick 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air is offered through Classic Auto Mall. Without a VIN due to its racecar status, it is being sold on a Bill of Sale. Russ Campbell and Donnie Shaeffer built this ’62 Bel Air to run the Pro Nostalgia class in NMSCA/NSCA. After that, John Holt completely rebuilt the car to be NHRA Certified and run the quarter mile in a staggering 7.50-seconds. However, a throttle stop on the car refrains the car from going into the 9-second range due to consigners license restraints.

1962 Chevrolet Bel Air Was Born For Drag Racing

Drag racing on California’s dry lake beds was a favorite underground pastime, and over the years these bigger engines were propelling these cars in excess of 100 miles per hour. After World War II, the sport grew even more in popularity, and the first official event took place in 1949 at Goleta Air Force Base. With it still being an underground sport, spectators stood around as quarter-mile racing took place with no safety barriers or regulated track conditions. In 1951, Wally Parks created the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) and shortly after, two classes “Unmodified Stock” and “Top Eliminator” came about.

Powering this racecar is a stroked 446 cubic-inch “W” block with a 3.776 stroke and bored .30 over. Accompanying the engine are rods from big block Chevrolet, Brooke Racing 14:1 pistons, dual 750 CFM Holley carbs, and 1965 583 casting headers. Comp Cams roller camshaft adds an aggressive lope along with amplified performance, along with a Steff’s pan. A dyno test pegged the car down at 647 horses at 7600 rpms, and that was when it featured its 436cui configuration.

A G-force 101 shifter with a long inline shifter bangs through the gears, and a Boninfante 10.5 single disc clutch lives in the Trick Titanium bell housing. Transferring power to the rear is a Fab 9-inch rear complete with 5.29 gears, and an MSD 7-AL 2 sparks the engine. Like most race cars, underneath is impressively clean, and the strong frame has been reinforced with tubular back half and roll cage.

One important factor in drag racing is weight reduction, so the front fenders are constructed out of fiberglass and the hood is made of lightweight carbon fiber. Lexan windows are found all around, and the doors and decklid are all fiberglass. Dzus fasteners allow easy access to the car’s inner workings. A fiberglass box in the passenger seat was made to look like an actual seat, and it can easily be removed.

Racing tires sit on all four corners with large slicks on the back and skinnies on the front. A fire suppression system is available, and an Autometer data collection system comes with the car and has all documentation. The exterior features a few scratches and dings, but in all this car will conquer the quarter mile in 7.50 seconds for anyone holding the correct license.


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