Buy A 1958 Buick Special And Feel The Comfort

Sep 28, 2019 2 min read
Buy A 1958 Buick Special And Feel The Comfort

This car basically floats down the road like a cloud.

For your consideration, a 1958 Buick Special in what appears to be mostly if not entirely original condition has arrived on the market. Being offered through Vintage Car Collector, you have the chance to grab this piece of GM history and add it to your collection.

Buy A 1958 Buick Special And Feel The Comfort

It might sound cliché or ironic, but there really is something special about the Buick Special, especially today. This car serves up a super-soft ride quality which feels great. As GM’s marketing department said, it’s like “God’s hand pushing you along seamlessly and with increasing speed” thank to the ultra-smooth automatic transmission.

Speaking of moving forward, the 364ci Nailhead Wildcat V8 provides plenty of power for the task. All that power goes to the rear wheels, making this Buick feel lively and pleasant to drive. What’s more, you get to immerse yourself in the classic car experience, all thanks to factory controls and gauges, plus the original steering wheel. Power brakes help with keeping things reined in.

The rest of the interior looks to be original as well, including the dash and both rows of bench seats. While some items could use some light refreshing, amazingly the headliner is attached and looking great. Other items like the sun visors, rearview mirror, and dome light are securely attached.

Next to the lavish amounts of chrome, the Black body and White roof show excellently. Classic 1950s styling is obviously present, including big rear fins, wrap-around windshield and rear window, dual front fender ornaments, and rocket-style front turn signals. All the factory badging has been excellently preserved on this Buick. OE wheels and thin whitewall tires are also included with great effect.

While an entry-level model for the Buick brand, the Special was still a tremendous bargain and maintained its image of prestige among car shoppers. Today, many collectors seek after Buick Specials for their undeniably attractive styling and excellent ride quality. If you want to make an offer on this car, reach out to Vintage Car Collector.

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