Get Ready To Bid On A 1969 ½ Plymouth Road Runner

Sep 30, 2019 2 min read
Get Ready To Bid On A 1969 ½ Plymouth Road Runner

Leave the Coyote in the dust once and for all.

People like to sit around and argue about which American muscle car from back in the day was the quickest at the quarter mile. While that might seem like a pretty objective thing to discuss, the answers vary wildly. Mostly, they center around cars which were difficult if not impossible for the average Joe to own, like the COPO Camaros. If you factor out those exclusive machines, many would argue the one car leading the pack of machines for the everyday man is this 1969 ½ Plymouth Road Runner.

Get Ready To Bid On A 1969 ½ Plymouth Road Runner

This was Motor Trend’s car of the Year, an accolade which carried considerable weight back then. Considering this vehicle was created first and foremost for performance, it’s not difficult to see why. Instead of being packed with comforts, the Road Runner has a so-called “Taxi-Cab Interior” which is very much Spartan.

The star of the show is a date-code correct 440ci Hemi V8, which hits hard, keeping you coming back for more every time. The air cleaner housing and engine block have been painted orange, while the engine compartment walls are painted green to match the car’s exterior. Everything under the hood is incredibly clean.

With this particular Plymouth, you get an extremely well-preserved example of a muscle car legend. A rotisserie restoration was performed only 10 miles in the past, and the execution of that work is absolutely fantastic. Examine every inch of this ride and you’ll find amazing details, like sparkling paint, spot-on panel fit, factory wheels, red-line tires, and a flawless cabin.

Just like when it first rolled off the factory line, this car comes with the iconic Road Runner cartoon character badges on the exterior, interior, and even on the air cleaner housing under the hood. Honk the horn and you’ll hear the cartoon character’s iconic “beep, beep” sound. This is a fun car in more ways than one, and something that should keep appreciating in value as the legend of the Road Runner lives on. If you’re interested in owning it, contact Rand Luxury Auction for details.

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