Welcome To The Jungle: 1952 Land Rover Series I

Aug 15, 2019 1 min read
Welcome To The Jungle: 1952 Land Rover Series I

Ready to take on a safari or the urban jungle

If you want great steak, you head to a butcher. If you want a great classic Land Rover, you head to the U.K.

And that's exactly where you can find this gorgeous, completely restored 1952 Land Rover Series I listed for sale by Graeme Hunt Ltd. Sure, you can probably find one of these cheeky, old Landies locally, but it's not often that you have a chance to get a true, authentic British Land Rover.

This particular Land Rover was originally sold in Spain, which means it's a left-hand drive model, and then recently it has made its way back to the Land Rover motherland, Great Britain. At some point, the SUV received a full restoration bringing it to the excellent condition you see here. Not only is the body smooth and flawless, but the interior is just as nice with the seats and floor showing no wear and the tub showing paint that is as perfect as the rest of the body. This was definitely a time-intensive restoration!

The Land Rover Series I is to Great Britain that the Willys CJ-2A is to the U.S. – an early foundation of a rugged and durable off-road vehicle. The Series I was produced from 1948 to 1958, and this iconic design went on to inspire the Land Rover Defender, which was in production until 2016. The Defender is expected to return to production next year, and it is expected that it will also be sold in the U.S. for the first time since 1987.

This flawless 1952 Land Rover Series I is currently listed for sale at £42,500, which converts to around $51,000 USD, and you can also make an offer by clicking HERE. Sure, importing from across the pond will add to the expense, but what would be cooler than driving around in the U.S. in a legit Euro-spec Land Rover?


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