How To Survive Jurassic Park: Use A Land Rover NAS V8

Apr 11, 2019 2 min read
1. 1995 Land Rover NAS V8

Remember how nearly everybody died in Jurassic Park and The Lost World? We think this Land Rover could have ensured the Dinosaurs were kept at bay

If you recall the automotive carnage from Spielberg’s first Jurassic Park installments, various ill-omened individuals met their fate courtesy of the Jeep Wrangler or Mercedes-Benz M-Class. However, should John Hammond or the InGen Corporation have employed the use of Land Rover’s Defender, then we reckon Isla Nublar's mortality rate would have been far less.

For starters, the Defender leaks enough oil for most Dinosaurs to assume the British 4x4 boasts status as Triassic royalty. As such, the vehicle and its inhabitants would have been left well alone. Then there is the guttural V8 exhaust note, which radiates with such aggression that even the hardest of T-Rex specimens would steer clear for safety’s sake.

1995 Land Rover NAS V8

Furthermore, there is the driving experience. Although most Dinosaurs would struggle to comprehend such an aspect, what they would endure is the aftermath of driver disgruntlement. Land Rovers rarely offer comfort on any scale, and long stretches of off-road driving can leave owners exhausted and irritable.

With such annoyance – and back pain – most drivers would suffer enough displeasure to knock a Ceratosaurus clean out, should it try to eat them. Or drop kick a Velociraptor into the ocean when preventing onwards movement.

In all seriousness, for all its flaws, the Defender would have ensured patrons avoided the intestinal tract of a Tyrannosaurus through sheer off-road clout. In fact, for those of us who have read Michael Crichton’s original novel upon which the film is based, the Land Rover is no stranger within the Jurassic Park universe. The character of Mike Bowman utilizes his Landy to full effect when rushing his daughter to an island-based hospital.

1995 Land Rover NAS V8

The Defender’s four-wheel drive system remains second to none. Oozing a defiant mantra and the indefatigable timbre of an automotive Chuck Norris, it would take more than an enraged Pterodactyl to get the better of a Land Rover. Especially as the V8 emissions would have floored the incoming dinosaur from the off.

This 1995 example won’t be spewing any excess of carbon dioxide, however. For it brags of healthy drivetrain, a rust free chassis, and hugely desirable ‘Safari Guard’ bumper. Perfect for ramming the odd Triceritops – or ex-partner – out of the way.

Installed with a number of upgrades and lashings of high-end equipment back in 1997, coinciding with the release of The Lost World: Jurassic park, the off-roader drives exceptionally well and accelerates with gusto. The low range gearbox and locking differentials function without protest, while the front-mounted X9 Superwinch serves up more pulling power than a Jonas Brother. Boiled down, those Dinosaurs wouldn’t stand a chance.

Get a closer look at the 1995 Land Rover Defender NAS (North American Specification) V8 for sale here.

1995 Land Rover Defender NAS V8
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