Tear Up The Street With This 1932 Ford Highboy Roadster

Apr 23, 2019 2 min read
Tear Up The Street With This 1932 Ford Highboy Roadster

This is a great example of the Hot Rod culture in America!

It’s not everyday you find a 1932 Ford Highboy Roadster with all the right mods, but this one from Streetside Classics ticks off the right boxes. It looks classy and sounds mean, allowing you to turn heads and snatch pink slips from those foolish enough to take you on.

First off, that flashy yellow paint doesn’t just cover the body, it graces the engine bay and the undercarriage, so your ride really will impress even your pickiest friends. When you pop the hood, polished components abound, like the valve covers and alternator, really dressing everything up. Chrome touches like the cool waterfall grille add that nostalgic touch everyone loves to admire.

Light up the tires with ease, thanks to the hard-hitting 350 cubic-inch crate V8 engine with a four-barrel carburetor and aluminum intake. The four-speed automatic transmission comes with overdrive, so you can take this ride on the open road, plus it downshifts in a hurry for when you want to smoke your friends. Headers connect to a loud dual exhaust system, announcing your presence proudly. To say this thing makes a dramatic entrance would be a complete understatement.

Just because you want something fast doesn’t mean you need to suffer. This ride pampers you with air conditioning, remote door openers, power windows, power locks, and even a CD player mounted in the headliner, preserving that classic smooth dash.  You also get to sit in bucket seats with well-padded bolsters, so even if you ride all day you won’t pay for it later.

Topping off this quality build are disc brakes up front to keep all that power in check. Adjustable coilovers in the rear allow you to tune this ride to your liking.

The Ford Highboy Roadsters are an undying symbol of America’s hot rod culture. Finding one that’s in such amazing condition and with so many amenities is some sort of miracle.

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