700-HP Chevy Nova SS Is A Big Block Bully

May 19, 2022 1 min read
700-HP Chevy Nova SS Is A Big Block Bully

This classic Chevy Nova puts supercharged LS to shame with naturally aspirated power.

Vintage Chevrolet vehicles are among the most popular choices within the classic car scene for their customizability, performance, and retro design. Of the bunch, the Nova has got to be the leader in that charge to be the best a classic car can get as it has been used by thousands of enthusiasts for everything from autocross to drag racing. But, of course, what's under the hood is just as important as the car itself, and, for most Chevy-loving car enthusiasts, big-block is the only way to go. This car perfectly epitomizes that emphasis on massive displacement engines, which put today's supercharged LS engines in their place by making just as much power naturally aspirated, making the competiton hold on to their custom seat covers.

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Under the hood of this wild 1969 Chevy Nova sits a 502 ci V8 powerhouse which produces 730 horsepower and 700 ft.-lbs of torque. The car hadn't been initially created with this engine, nor was it when the current owner bought it. So what started as a good 350 ci V8 commuter now lives on with a badass 502 big-block under the hood. The car is held up by a set of 20" chrome wheels that stand out among a crowd and go perfectly with the front spoiler, which gives the vehicle a tremendous low slug look.

The owner wanted to keep the exhaust as quiet as possible to maintain a sleeper vibe to the car. This goes perfectly with the exterior, which sports a playful yellowish color deemed Butternut. Long story short, you wouldn't expect this car to be packing that massive motor under the hood even if you were a Chevy expert. While the vehicle may not look or sound very fast, when the owner gets on the throttle, all hell starts to break loose as all 730 wild horses shoot to the back tires with incredible brutality and speed.

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