4,900-Mile 996 Turbo Coupe Is Selling On Bring A Trailer

Mar 7, 2023 2 min read
4,900-Mile 996 Turbo Coupe Is Selling On Bring A Trailer

Modern performance in a smooth body from the early 2000s, what a dream.

If you were driving around in the early 2000s and you heard the rumbling of a sports car engine next to you, you might look over to see a Porsche. The glint of sunlight on some immaculate wheels, the smell of raw fuel and burnt rubber, even the elegantly round fenders might have made you smile a bit. Ah yes, it’s a dream shared by many, to one day drive a Porsche of their own. Now you’ve got the chance to drive one of the coolest cars to ever come out of 2003, and in the process solidify that goal as reality.

Cutting right to the chase, the Twisted Turbo wheels should tip you off to the fact that this vehicle is very much under the influence of boost. Two turbochargers spool up, forcing air into the manifold of this powerhouse. In total, 3.6-liter of displacement flows through all six cylinders and the flat configuration ties it all together quite nicely. Indeed, that style of engine is something that Porsche is quite known for.

Adding to the performance is the X50 turbo power kit which should boost the numbers just a bit. However, the bow topping everything off has to be the all wheel drive system. Losing traction is pretty much never an issue for this car even with its incredible engine and transmission performance. From there it’s all about driver skill. Behind the wheel of this Porsche you could take on anything from new age American muscle to even some supercars. The only question to ask yourself is if you think you can do that.

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