1968 Chevy Chevelle Shows Off Restored Performance

Feb 24, 2022 2 min read
1968 Chevy Chevelle Shows Off Restored Performance

Without a doubt, this classic Chevelle is the perfect car for any vintage enthusiast with a taste for speed.

When we say the name Chevelle, we can only imagine a few things that come to our minds. Perhaps you think of the wild burnouts you've seen on the internet, incredible drag strip action, or car show domination. However, versatility was the word of the day when the engineers at Chevy made this fantastic beast. It got the looks to beat any other in a style show with enough powertrain options to satisfy any automotive enthusiast with a passion for speed. This particular car is no exception to that rule as it still boasts the original V8 engine under the hood and virtually no imperfections on the illustrious and bold body. Honestly, this is the perfect vehicle for any classic car guy looking to get behind the wheel of a powerful piece of American muscle!

The exterior is coated in the ever-iconic Blue paint that came as an option for the Chevelles. While it may not have some fancy name or a ton of boatful decals, this color code made the Chevelle a legend in the design world as it gave the car a smoother tone than the usual red or black. You may recognize that beautiful front end as what is considered the best-looking grille design to ever come off a Chevy assembly line. That's precisely the kind of style you get with this 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle, as it combines the best of vintage muscle car design with a very well-kept body and a history of regular maintenance. There is no concern about reliability with this car either as it has undergone a complete nut and bolt restoration very recently and now seeks a new owner to push the limits of speed.

Under the hood of this tremendous '68 speed demon is a massive 396 ci V8 engine which reportedly puts out a whopping 375 horsepower. All of that power is sent to 15" vintage wheels which makes this car a mighty contender at the drag strip. Four massive tires wrap those wheels, making it easy to keep traction even in the slipperiest of situations. Finally, we've got a four-speed manual transmission which provides an incredibly engaging driving experience. This is the perfect car for any classic automotive enthusiast with a longing for high performance in a vintage muscle car package.

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