Powerful Rides Featuring This 1967 Belvedere Drag Car Are Selling At The Big Boy’s Toys Auction

Apr 19, 2023 2 min read
Powerful Rides Featuring This 1967 Belvedere Drag Car Are Selling At The Big Boy’s Toys Auction

These automobiles are versatile and ready to get on the road.

The Ford Excursion is a limo SUV and America loves it, even if the brand desperately markets it as an offroader. Just take this truck, for example, a six-doored beast with good-looking aftermarket wheels and the kind of dominating road presence that made the American SUV iconic. Overall, it's a very spacious automobile that has virtually no competitors from its time in luxury, performance, or looks. Without a doubt, this 7.3-liter diesel-powered borderline monster truck is the perfect SUV for hauling lots of friends and partying in the mud.

In case you're not only content to drive around that behemoth alone but there is also this 1995 Dodge Viper. Finished in a vibrant blue which pops out to any onlooker lucky enough to witness the vehicle racing around. Contrary to what you might expect, this Viper seems to have been put to good use throughout its life with a five-point harness and roll cage backing this claim up. Indeed, the 8 L V10 engine must be some kind of a wild ride to control, giving the car a reputation of danger for anyone who didn't know what they were doing. That's exactly what makes Dodge Viper drivers special, they can control a car that most people couldn't even dream of driving.

On the classic side of things, a beautiful 1967 Plymouth Belvedere wraps up the trio with its NHRA decals and incredible performance capabilities. One such feat comes courtesy of the 426 cubic inches Hemi V8 and 727 Pro transmission which leads to a 9.9 second quarter mile time. Amazingly, that distance is completed at 132 mph further adding to the mystery of how this car can move so fast. Overall, all three of these American icons represent the best of their respective genres of automotive production which is exactly why you should consider getting behind the wheel of this collection.

The Big Boy’s Toys Sale will take place in Clayton, Indiana and online at Proxibid on April 29th. Deadline to consign is April 21st. The sale will feature road art, memorabilia and 150+ Classic Cars. Visit here, ANNUAL SPRING BIG BOY TOY AUCTION- APRIL 29TH @ 9AM EST for more information and to see all lots.

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