1939 Delage D6-70 Figoni Falsschi Drophead Is A 1930s Automotive Masterpiece

Jun 6, 2022 2 min read
1939 Delage D6-70 Figoni Falsschi Drophead Is A 1930s Automotive Masterpiece

This incredible car may soon be one of the most desirable classics on the collector market.

The 1930s were an exciting time for the automotive industry as designs became more flamboyant and engineering-focused more on performance over their utility. Automotive manufacturers like Duesenberg and Auburn have remained particularly iconic within the modern car enthusiast industry for their crazy exteriors and powertrains. This particular vehicle is a beautiful combination of one of the era's best auto manufacturers and a dedicated french coachbuilder, which puts car companies like the ones listed above to shame. So what makes this incredible automobile so much better than some of the world's most iconic brands?

The vehicle in question is a 1939 Delage D6-70 Figoni, and Falsschi Drophead is a high-performance luxury car with a straight-six and convertible top. Although specified as having only six cylinders, this vehicle still pushes out a healthy 130 horsepower, a considerable number for its time. Furthermore, a set of triple Solex Carburetors allow this incredible power figure to be achieved and keeps maximum power at around 4,400 pm. This all adds to a great performance vehicle from its era with plenty of road capabilities for an enthusiastic driver.

Unlike many of this car's similarly styled counterparts, the exterior has been kept in good shape through great maintenance routines and proper cleaning. In addition, a deep blue paint covers the entire body, which gives the car a shiny figure with extenuated curves and a great contrast against the wheels. This car is like the echo of a time when style and uniqueness still mattered to most automotive manufacturers. That's what makes this car an excellent choice for any collector looking for a new vehicle to complete their collection and stand out in the crowd.

This car and many other high-end pre-war and classic cars will be sold at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, Alabama. The auction starts at 10 a.m. on June 25th. Please visit here for more information.

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